‘touching’ … the clay….

A  miracle happened in my life …. Dec 2012… & Salma, my friend was doing pottery since a few months… & was after me for joining her… I was in complete denial… with a stance ‘I am very bad at any other art exception except exceptional acting skills… which is in my DNA… comes easy to me…

But… a BIG BIG BIG BUT for any other art form… a strong NO.

Since I am good in Math, I would get through my drawing exam in school with passing colors with the help of Geometrical designs.

I have a video camera & I had shot a Marathi feature film using her house as a location with that camera…. so she suggested, I come with my camera & shoot while she is  doing pottery.. I willingly accepted… & landed in Dharavi kumbharwada & met Sultana (I had instantly loved her name), Hanif, Yousuf, Abbas & their father too who had worked with the great art directors of the Golden Era of Indian Cinema in 60 s throwing huge pots … it was fun shooting the grownups playing with mud…

I was moving around in a ‘touch me not..please..’ expression making ‘a way’ & keeping ‘away’ through mud…

Shooting was done within 10 minutes… & I was just fooling around passing comments on their muddy selves… when Sultana threw a ball of clay from say 7-8 feet calling out ‘catch it Neelu..’ & I caught it reflexively not to spoil my cloths…

That’s that… it was the very first contact with clay… & thereafter a continuous association …

Touch of clay is such … once you touch clay… it touches you deep within… may be because every living being has a journey coming from clay & returning to it…

it’s very  ‘touching’ … the clay….

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